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"I am the Founder of a social enterprise that needed to hire our first Chief Operating Officer. Fortunately, I met Teri Karole who took the heavy lifting of this key task off my plate and found us the perfect person for the job.
Teri worked flawlessly with our team to craft the job description, screen a huge number of qualified candidates, present the final 5 candidates to our selection committee of which she was a member, and provided invaluable feedback on who she felt was the best match for our organization.
She negotiated his entire package and managed the whole on-boarding process which was complex given that our hire had to move his family of 4 kids back to the States from India! Teri is a first class HR professional whose skills are matched by her kind and open personality.
I feel fortunate that she continues to consult for VisionSpring!"
Dr. Jordan Kassalow, CEO and Founder
"Teri Karole is clearly one of the most effective executives in the Human Resource arena that I have had the pleasure and benefit of working with in my 35+ years in the Financial Services world.
It is her personal hands on involvement in providing advice, counsel and ultimately assistance in the execution of a strategy that make her stand out in a HR field with so many moving parts.
She not only balances the needs of a business unit within a larger corporate entity; she absolutely always considers the individual employee experience that will be impacted, directly or indirectly by decisions made in the "puzzle palaces" of executive suites. I came to know and rely on her honest, candid and absolutely clear straight forward approach as a cornerstone to any and all HR needs.
She is an empathetic professional with a can do / will do attitude that I am proud to have had in my corner."
Lee Feinberg, Independent Investor
Former UBS Managing Director
"Teri Karole was an excellent source of helpfulness and pragmatism as she guided me through my transition from corporate executive to a retiree serving as an independent director.
She provided solid advice from the emotional basics to how to structure a leaving package.
She allowed me to maximize my return and to minimize my stress level as I entered "protirement" and the beginning of my next chapter.
Her solid advice, experience and compassion were the winning combination. "
Valarie A. Gelb
Former Chief Sales Development Officer and Executive Vice President, MasterCard Worldwide
"Teri Karole is a highly skilled and talented human capital consultant, and an individual of depth and integrity. Teri's passionate commitment is to people, executives, and healthy and successful organizations. Her unique blend of content expertise, practical and visionary understanding of people and of business, her intuition, keen advice, and consistently excellent execution and delivery, make Teri the right choice for ever changing organizations and companies, and their top and emerging talent.

Teri's broad and rich network and stellar reputation further enhances her ability to bring her servant leadership, sage advice, and resources to any company, no matter the need. Teri is an outstanding HR Consultant and Project Manager, and a valued Trusted Advisor.

Teri is a beloved leader, a former respected senior executive, business partner, and coach. Her relationships are uniquely deep. She is known for her strategic lens on issues, her technical HR and business capability, her relational skills, her active listening and compassion.

Teri is valued for her wisdom, guidance, direct and courageous communication, and her fierce resolve and commitment to excellence for her clients; individual executives, senior management teams, and organizations. It is always a privilege and a successful productive experience to engage with Teri Karole"
Chris McConnell, President & Founder, Executive Coach
The McConnell Group
"I have known Teri both professionally and personally for over 20 years. As president of UBS Wealth Management, I promoted Teri to serve as our director of human resources. I trust Teri's judgment implicitly. If you want an advisor that can help you strategize about your organizational structure, your people needs, or your "problem" employee, there is no one better than Teri. In my new role as an entrepreneur, I seek Teri's advice on how to attract entrepreneurial talent and structure detail employee benefit plans for small business.

You should consult with Teri because she has years of experience both as an HR generalist and HR benefits specialist. That makes Teri uniquely qualified to help any organization.
Bob Silver
President, The Bravitas Group Inc. and Co-founder www.parentgiving.com
Teri Karole is a highly experienced, multi faceted HR executive. During my time as Head of the Wealth Management Advisor Group at UBS, I was lucky to benefit from Teri's advice and counsel on an regular basis. Her knowledge in Human Resources combined with her desire to understand, and partner to achieve business results is unique and I believe, sets her apart from the traditional HR executive. Teri has fantastic interpersonal skills and is highly effective at managing difficult situations while being both compassionate and firm. I am proud to have had the opportunity to work with Teri. Her high standard of excellence in all that she does would be a benefit to any company.
Jamie Price
Former Head of the Wealth Management Advisor Group, UBS Americas
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