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The TJ Karole Company will become a critical resource to you and your team, providing invaluable Human Resource advice, counseling and project management to help you drive your business.

Whether you represent a large or small company, if you are short-handed on Human Resource expertise, the TJ Karole Company can help.

We are available to manage, drive or assist your team with any Human Resource project designed to improve your business. These projects could range from fulfilling an immediate need when experiencing turnover in a critical HR position or completing a one-time HR project.

We believe in integrating with and supporting your existing team and culture and take pride in our ability to listen to your goals and priorities. We provide timely, cost effective delivery of projects and services, for your team to manage going forward.

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Review and Assessment of your firm's HR policies and practices

Have you negotiated the best deals from your HR and Benefits service providers? Are your HR systems state-of-the-art and valuable to your employees? We will work with your team to assess what is working and what may be missing from your employee policies offerings. Our review has a cost effective approach, so we perform quickly and consistently to reflect the priorities and culture of your business.

Organizational Review

Have you have experienced a significant growth or downturn or change in the direction of your business? Does your organizational structure fit the desires of your existing people or is it custom-designed to take your business to the next level? You may need to rethink your organizational structure. We can work with you to review your structure, existing talent and team, and business goals to achieve better results in an ever-changing market environment.

Performance Management

How do you assess your team? Are you comfortable giving feedback to your employees? Are you honest with your employees regarding their performance and are they aligned with your strategic goals and objectives?
We can help design simple, user-friendly systems that fit the culture of your business to ensure you and your team are completely aligned.

Talent Review

Do you have the right people in the right jobs? Are you planning for their futures and the future of your business? Are you developing your most valuable employees and helping each of them work toward their individual goals?
We can work with you to leverage your team to its fullest abilities. Together, we will build upon your team’s existing talents and help them overcome their weaknesses. If changes are necessary, we can help with that as well

Compensation & Benefits Planning

Are your firm's benefits up to date and consistent with the needs of your employee base? Have you negotiated the best possible package at the best price? Have you made changes to reflect the never-ending legislative changes and requirements in an employee benefits offering? Do you pay competitively? Are you aware of comparable salaries and pay practices for your industry?
We can help you reach competitive, affordable solutions to all these questions.
In addition, we have alliances and relationships with some of the best thinkers and researchers in the country to help you achieve the results you need for your business.

Diversity Strategy Development

Do you have a diversity strategy? Have you considered how a diverse workforce could improve your business and attract new clients? Are you certain that you promote diversity of thought to ensure you are constantly developing creative new ideas to run your business?

We have experience in developing diversity strategies that work with, not against, the business strategy to improve your results. Our founder is an active member of several organizations targeted at understanding women in the workplace and the unique opportunities they bring to an organization. You will be amazed how a well-designed, strategic diversity focus can position your firm with your employees and your clients for improved results.

Interim HR Staff Replacement

Do you have significant HR work to be done due a major initiative at your company that is beyond the bandwidth of your current HR team? Do you have a short-term need due to unexpected turnover or a leave of absence, such as maternity?
The TJ Karole Company can provide immediate, quality resources to fill your temporary gap, ensuring a seamless transition when your permanent resource returns. Our goal is to compliment your existing team, get up to speed quickly on the culture and to make an immediate impact.
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