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The TJ Karole Company has a proven record as a “trusted advisor” to senior executives for all types of HR situations. Whether hired by a company or an individual, we work diligently to provide honest, thoughtful, and creative insight to inspire your workforce and to motivate your team. We can provide short consultations to a senior executive, manager or employee on both trends with employee populations or one time, event driven employee issues. We are certain that the TJ Karole Company can become one of your most valuable resources.

We will also work with individuals. If you are working through a transition, anticipating or driving a change in your career, we have a proven track record in providing the necessary advice, counsel and resources to help you navigate your transition. You will want us on your team to develop a sound, professional exit strategy as well as a results driven on-boarding strategy when you begin a new opportunity.

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Leadership Consultation

Are you are looking to better understand the satisfaction of your employees with their work environment and management? Do you want to improve your ability to motivate and inspire your workforce? The TJ Karole Company has a wealth of experience and resources to help. We can work with you to develop an assessment of your situation and goals. If needed, we have alliances with several high quality, specialized firms, who can provide the exact expertise needed to provide your best solution.

Employee Relations Review

Is your workforce underperforming? Are employee complaints and potential or actual litigation on the rise? We will work with you to uncover any gaps in policy and to provide solutions to eliminate those gaps. We provide empathetic, compliant resolutions, which are cost effective and consistent with your policies. We will educate you and your team regarding common practices in your industry as well as emerging new trends for your consideration.

Conflict Resolution

Do you have a difficult employee issue that requires more than legal advice? Are you looking to transition an employee in a respectful, empathic manner? We have a wealth of experience in conflict resolution and can provide expert advice to achieve mutual goals and successful resolutions when issues or opportunities arise between employees and their employees. Our approach is to understand the situation, provide advice with the goal of a professional and reasonable conclusion for all parties.

Employee Exit and Entry Strategies

Have you personally received signals from your company that it is time for a change? Do you want to make a huge impact as you begin a new opportunity? We can help. Our emphasis is helping you develop and grow when faced with unexpected change or a change initiated by you. We will provide advice, as supplement to any legal assistance, regarding fair and realistic expectations for a transition package, questions to ask and advice as to how to leave gracefully, but fairly. And, at the other end of the employment life cycle, we work with you to make a successful entry into a new position. We emphasize creating a specific plan with goals and milestones to ensure you begin your new position with energy, enthusiasm and confidence.
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